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Pure Glam Extension Training

To attend this class you need a valid cosmetology license, barber license or proof that you are a 
cosmetology/barber student

My Price: $799 Per Person

Other extension classes: $1500.00-$3000.00
Includes a kit with everything you need: 
Training Includes:
Pure Glam Extensions

Pure Glam Extension Tool(s)
Color Swatch
Pure Glam Guide
 Rat tail combs
Duck clips
You will need to provide your own model.  You will be giving the time that your model needs to be present for the hair extension installation.  Your model will not be allowed to attend the class with you.      
Training included:
Basic extension knowledge
Hair Extension Placement 
How to install Pure Glam Extensions
 How to tell the difference between low-high quality hair
How to care for extensions, etc...
Full application of extensions with your live model
I began researching and going to certification classes for hair extensions in 1999. 
Every year I attend several extension classes and I always leave wondering why I just paid all this money to watch someone do extensions.
So, I decided that with my certification I would allow the attendees to perform an entire full set of extensions on their live model. By doing this, it insures that you have learned the proper placement and installation.    


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