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Hair Extension Guide
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Pure...The absolute complete coverage style with full closure $249
Unique....A rare seamless tape technique like no other *  
Realistic....Practical extensions that blends with your hair $149
Exclusive...Braidless sew in for the fashionista that needs a boost*
Sassy....Express  sew in that allows you to have natural part $99  
Above....Over and beyond celebrity fusion extensions*
Long....Undeniable length like a celebrity with individual strands*
Optimistic....A protective net technique for a great outcome $249 
Natural....The most natural way to just add length and body $129
*priced after consultation
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What's the difference in a weave and hair extensions?
Weave- a limited method of gluing tracks or weaving hair onto a braid.
Hair extensions-and eclectic array of adding hair using various techniques customized for each individual client used as a protective style while promoting hair growth.
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Extension Etiquette
For All Hair Extension Clients
  • Client should arrive on time, shampooed, conditioned, and blown dry
  • Your hair must be clean and free of any product
  • Client shall provide two packs of human hair of your choice and closure if needed unless Pure Glam Links, Pure Seamless, or Pure Phusion Extension are being installed 
  • We will add product to hair for ultimate blending
  •  At the clients request we can also shampoo, deep condition, and scalp treatment at an additional fee