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Pure Glam Extensions
 Make Me Longer  
Pure Glam Link Extensions
No braids,no glue,or thread required...
the latest technique in hair extensions. 
Pure Glam Links are similar to fusion or strand by strand extensions without the harmful glue.   
Prices below does not include hair. We sell the highest quality hair on the market for installation. 
To purchase hair for your install prices start @ $99 for 100 Pure Glam Links Hair!
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50 18" Strands (Used for highlighting) $249**
100 18" Strands $499** (Recommended for length & fullness)
150 18" Strands $599** (Considered a Half Head)

200 18" Strands $999** (Full Head)
Hair Readjusting and tightening 250+
**Does not included hair
Pure Hair Extensions Deposit
Use to purchase human hair and intall deposit
Price: $250.00

These extensions are good for adding length and volume. They can last up to 3 to 6 months with proper maintenance, readjusting, and tightening. 
All Pure Glam Extensions require a consultation and deposit to ensure correct color matching and length.
 Hair is also available in 18", 20" and 26" lengths
 $99 Pure Glam Mini Express Sew In
(1/2 of your hair blended in with  extensions to add fullness & length)
Pure Glam Sew In $149
(3/4 your hair blended with the extensions) 
   Pure Glam Sew In II $199
(*hair that needs to be cut and styled)
Pure Glam Sew In III with Closure $249 and up
(your natural hair will not be visible) 
Pure Glam Seamless Extensions 20 pieces $349**
(tape extensions)

Pure Glam Seamless 40 pieces $499**

Pure Phusion 1499+
(200 strand by strand phusion extensions includes hair) 
Non-refundable Hair Extension Deposit
Price: $100.00
Non-refundable Hair Appointment Deposit
Deposit..that will go towards your service...please use for early morning appointments
Price: $50.00
Ponytail (no maintenance) 50
Ponytail (with maintenance) 65
Seamless Hair Extensions, Malaysian Method, Net Weaving, Fusion Extensions, Lace Front Placement,  
Hollywood Hair Extension and Hair Restoration
prices vary
  *requires consultation
All extensions services require a deposit and client provides the hair 
**includes hair